Candidate Profile

This role is of crucial importance to the Trust’s future development, and as a result we are seeking an exceptional blend of experience and personal characteristics in applicants.

The position of Chief Executive in an academy trust is unique: our educational purpose will always be paramount, but the other aspects of leading and managing a high-performing multi-million pound organisation – with high levels of public accountability – add significant complexity and nuance to the role. Moreover, we are at heart a deeply ‘people’ business, with relationships at the centre of teaching, learning and school improvement, and it is vital that candidates can show a real understanding of the importance of working with and through others at all levels.

Excellent governance is central to provide strong strategic leadership, ensuring accountability for its educational and financial performance, and we benefit from the input of a highly skilled group of Trustees, as well as strong members of the Local Governing Bodies of each school. The shared experience of this extended leadership group is a significant asset in horizon-scanning and strategic planning, and we will expect strong candidates to be able to demonstrate that they have a sophisticated understanding of how to bring the full range of knowledge and perspectives into planning and decision-making.

Leadership and management of the Executive Team is another key responsibility of the post; our talented and ambitious group of senior leaders will look to you for an empowering, capacity-building approach which enables them to face and meet challenges, and develop their own professional skillsets. However, it’s important to remember that ultimate accountability lies with the Chief Executive, and the Board wants to be assured that candidates have the confidence, resilience and readiness to be scrutinised that comes with the top job.

At its core, this role is about leading a highly skilled team of educational and operational professionals, working in a mature and well-respected organisational framework, to offer young people the very best chance in life. We hold that responsibility always before us, and we want to hear from people who feel the same.

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