School Support

Experienced support staff teams for Finance, HR, Estates/Premises, IT, Data Protection and Admissions work from two hubs, either Lincoln or Grimsby. The Director for Finance and Operations provides strategic oversight for all teams.

The level of support responds to school’s delegated authority and each school’s support staff structures. The revised top slice model secures clear and transparent financial and resource management across the Trust, whilst also ensuring the Trust has adequate resources to continue in operational existence for the foreseeable future.

The support provided to individual schools consists of three elements: Core Costs, Bought in Services and School Improvement.

Core Costs:

The following costs are allocated to all schools on an equitable basis. There is a fixed percentage rate for the core costs. These costs include:

  • Central staff salaries, including CEO, Trust Lead, Director of Finance & Operations, strategic Finance, HR, Data Protection Officer (DPO) and the Admin team
  • New Trust IT Manager (0.4FTE)
  • Trust licences, including Finance & HR software, GDPR programmes
  • Apprenticeship Levy
  • Legal and HR services
  • Pension valuation costs
  • Internal & External Audit
  • Central staff costs e.g. travel, CPD
  • Central office costs, printing, stationery etc.

Bought in Services:

This element relates to additional central services that schools buy in to, in relation to HR, Finance and Premises management. There are 3 tiers within this section:

  • Level 1 – Central Finance:
    (Schools with their own premises staff and process their own finance and HR information, normally through a School Business Manager)
  • Level 2 – Full HR and Finance service:
    (Schools with their own premises staff, but without their own SBM, finance or HR staff)
  • Level 3 – Full HR and Finance services and Premises Management
    (Schools without finance or HR staff or a Premises Manager

School Improvement:

School improvement programmes are categorised under 4 tiers of support, which are proportionate and responsive to each school’s effectiveness. The tier of support required is determined by the Trust. It is reviewed annually, and is non-negotiable.

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The level of support responds to school’s delegated authority and each school’s support staff structures...

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